Tuesday, April 10, 2007

YouTubesday: Korean Advertising

Aaaaand we're back! Sorry for the extended break, getting moved and settled in my new apartment has taken a bit more time than I was expecting. I am cannot describe how happy I am to be living in my own space and the part of town I am in is awesome, but more about that later, right now we have some commercials to air in this installment of YouTubesday which I have not so creatively dubbed:

Korean Advertising

First up is and advert for Hite Beer which features the amazing movements of Nam Hyun Joon:

Dizamn, that kid has got some serious moves! Lets take another look at him in this commercial for LG:

Oddly enough I just bought a new LG microwave for the casa. Since we are on the subject of cell phones please enjoy the supreme hotness that is Jeon Ji-Hyun in a strip-off while pimping for the Samsung Anycall CF phone:

And the two-minute long version:

Want more about this advert? There is an article about it on the english website for the Korean paper Chosun Ilbo here. (A tip o' the hat to Marmot for this one.) Want more Jeon Ji-hyun? Of course you do! And this time with fried chicken!

Mmmmm....hot women and fried chicken.....I think there might be a movie in there somewhere. Nah, that would never work! Oh well. For those of you who can not wait until the release of Ronny Yu's epic Blood: The Last Vampire for their next Jeon Ji-hyun, or Gianna Jun as she has westernized her name, fix can go search YouTube for themselves (there are some pretty good commercials featuring her out there) because we are going to move on to an ad for the one western fast-food place I ate while in Korea, McDonald's:

You know, I could go for ice cream right about now. I'll be right back.

Mmmm....ice cream. You know what goes with ice cream? Soju! Actually that is a dirty lie, the only thing soju goes with is a really bad drunk, however in this next commercial the funk that is soju has been combined with the acting power of the CSI stunt-doubles to provide some giggles:

Okay, enough of that, bring on more women! Preferably with nice, uh, mangos:

Never before in my life have I considering being a fruit to be a valid life choice until I saw that ad. Thank you Del Monte for bring us that kind of strange bit of joy. What's that, you say? There is more where that came from?

As a wise man once said, "Uhhh, its high noon on my sundial!"

this next commercial features BoA, a young lady who, I believe, was one of the first pan-Asian hits from the recent phenomenon referred to as the K-Wave, where several artists from Korea have had international success. I think the advert is for tea, but who cares?

And here is a Nike ad featuring her music and a bit of dancing from her:

Let's finish off the night with a face which will be a bit more familiar to some of you:

That's right, boys and girls, that is one member the Future Ex-Wives Club Jessica Alba pimping kosmetics. (see what I did there? Aren't I the witty one?) Well, that should tide you kids over for this week. Tune in next week when I bring you some craziness from Japan!