Sunday, September 09, 2007

MTV VMAs 2007

I have the MTV Music Awards on in the background as I work on a couple of other things and as I listen and watch two questions have occurred to me:

1. What the fuck is a scripted drama? MTV is advertising its new show, "Kaya," as a scripted drama and from the advertisements it looks likes a show that is intended to follow the look and feel of a reality show. Actually I know what is meant by scripted drama and while I am glad that MTV is doing something besides craptastic reality shows, it kind of bugs me that they are not going to show more videos and that scripted drama can actually be a selling point.

2. What ever happened to the classic tuxedo? I know the MTV music awards might be the wrong place to wear one, however it seems like most of the guys are wearing t-shirts and jeans. Seriously guys, I know your shirts probably cost upwards of $500, but seriously you look ragged. Class up the joint a little. You don't have to wear a tux but guys, seriously, try wearing something with a jacket that does not involve jeans.

To illustrate how firmly I have my elbow placed on the pulse of popular music today they just announced the nominees for Male Artist of the Year and I have no idea who two of them are. Justin Timberlake won, which I guess I can't quibble with too much since he is bringing sexy back and all, plus at the end of his acceptance speech he just called out MTV for not playing videos anymore. The audience seems to agree.

Okay, I might have spoken too soon on the craptastic reality series thing. Looks like MTV is putting the bisexual Tila Tequila (H-Town represent!) in a house with 16 straight men and 16 lesbians. Tila will then do things to the contestants to determine with whom she will hook up. 16 lesbians in one house? I do not see this ending well for anyone.

Gah, Fergie just won female artist of the year. Really? Oh well, that makes a nice segue into my next piece titled "Spelling with Fergie."

'Til then I want to wish you all peace, love, and humptiness forever.

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