Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Random Panels - Justice League of America #29

Usually I post panels here that strike me as funny however I just wanted to post this panel which demonstrates what makes comics fun: you can do ANYTHING and the audience buys it. There was not a moment when I saw this panel where I thought, "WTF?!?" This sense of the impossible being possible is something I think the most recent incarnation of the Superman movie franchise lost. This is not to say I did not like the film, to the contrary I REALLY like Singer's Superman, however I think the movie could have used a bit more of this and a bit less of the Dark Knight-esque angst.

From "Star Struck" in the 29th issue of the latest incarnation of Justice League of America.
Len Wein, writer
Chris Cross (makes me want to jump jump), pencils
Rob Stull with Chris Cross (who still makes me want to jump jump), inks

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Pete said...

Hort de fork?

Looks awesome, in any event.