Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I have been in a strange mood, which I typed as “moof” three times in a row before getting it right, the last few weeks. It is difficult for me to describe this mood. I have been a real bear around the office for no real reason and have been very solitary when I have not been at work. I suppose anti-social would be the best descriptor for this mood but there is something else there. I want to say wistful but I am not certain that is the right word. Wistful, for me, carries the connotation of longing for something specific and I can not think of a single thing for which I am pining, except, of course, the fjords, perhaps a bit nostalgic in a melancholy sort of way but not wistful for anything in particular. Then yesterday my iPod, the appropriately named funkywoodjams, spat out this collection of hits from the ‘80s: An odd bit of serendipity.

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