Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pardon the Mess

When moving back into these digs I converted the Opiate to the new version of Blogger as well as changed the template. Besides making the format of the blog a bit easier to work with, this broke the Blogger for Word plugin. This sucks for me since I write the VAST majority of my blog posts in Word and clicking on the Post button was so easy. Now I either have to cut and paste from Word into Blogger’s editor, which means I then have to manually remove all of the superfilis HTML tags which Word crams into each document, or I upload the post to Google Documents and post it from there. A process which also requires the manual editing of extra HTML tags. All this is to say that if you see some rather fantastic formatting, it is because I suck at manually editing HTML in the Blogger editor and please bear with me as I wrestle with this thing.

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