Sunday, June 25, 2006

James Through the Ages

Whilst digging through my boxes of pictures in search of a picture of Miho I stumbled across the following collection of pictures which I thought I would share with you since I don't have any real content to offer. It charts my progress from skinny pre-pubescent dork to fat git as well as embarasses my sister along the way. Have fun!

So let's kick this party off right with a picture of me and a llama at Neverland Ranch back in 1981. By Neverland Ranch I might mean the Houston Zoo where we went for my sister's birthday party.

Here's me getting molested around Christmas in 1981.

I think this is at Chuck-E-Cheese, however it might have been Showtime Pizza. Ah, what a place for birthday parties!

I am not sure when this picture is from, but I am guessing from the balloon that it must have been someone's birthday and I know it had to be after 1982 because that little half-head in the center of the picture is Charlie. Anne, my sister, is the other one in the picture.

Here we are sometime around 4th grade at my freind Matt's brithday party, which was held at Hanna Barbara Land (which is now Splashtown USA). This "ride" was a primitive green screen thing where we had to act scared, etc. and then got a photo at the end. Matt is on the left, our freind Daniel Fowler (who was previously mentioned here) is in the middle, and I am on the right.
Now we skip a couple of years and jump to Senior Prom pictures with my date Stephanie Farr. I liked her until she wanted to get married during her senior year (she was a year behind me.) Don't I look hot!

Here is a picture taken of my home room class at our high school graduation in May 1992. I had to break out my yearbook to properly name everyone in this picture. From left to right are Brian Wright, who I ended up working with for a year or two at UCS, Chris Wilson, Laura Wingo, with Cliff Wren peeking out from behind her mortarboard, Marya Wineland (who I had a crush on for a couple of years), me, Nicole Winston, I am not sure who's next, Marshall Young, stealth dude, Tara Young, Spencer Yantis, and finally future real-estate magnate Michael Zin.

And then a few months later I was back at school to go to the Homecoming Dance with my off-again, on-again girlfreind Stephanie, however we went as part of a big group. Some of the highlights in this picture include one Mister Jack Thelen seated second from the left in the first row. You might read his blog, here. For the life of me I can't remember the names of the couple in the center of the front row, or Jack's date, however the couple on the end of the front row ar Terra Porter and Luke Johnson. Luke went on to join the Army after high school and I have no idea what happened to Terra. Now for the back row. Starting on the left are Vicki Burchfield and Reyer Withrow. Some time after this picture was taken Vicki and Jack started dating. She then went to school at University of Houston with me where she met Mr. TunaCan, whom she subsequently dated. Then there Stephanie Farr and me in the center. And then again I cannot rememebr the names of the last couple in the back, however I want to say the guy's name was Chris. [EDIT: Thanks to Jack I can put a couple more names with these faces. The girlie in Jack's lap is Kelly Holloway and the girlie one lap over is Kelly Doyle. They were both in band, actually everyone in this picture was in band, and were best friends. According to Jack they both went to SHSU and were never heard from again. We still don't know who that crap weasel is underneath Kelly Doyle so if anyone out there has any idea, let me know. The unidentified couple in the back row is Anna-Lise Koenig and Chris Chapman, neither of whom I knew very well. Today I discovered that Vikki went on to marry her post-TunaCan man and that Terra and Stephanie were the only females in this picture that Jack did not date at one time or another which confirms my theory of women wanting to date guys they think they can beat up. Thanks for the info Jack!]

Here is a series of pictures taken on Halloween in 1997. I was at a party with some of the guys on my hockey team and yes, I do have a full beard.

Here is a picture of me and a H-O-T-T-I-E in a latex catsuit at a freind's Halloween party. I don't know what year this happened, however it was after I moved to College Station therefore it had to be 1999 or after.

Here I am being attacked by a vicious lobster hat in Old Town Spring in April of 2003 or 2004.

Here is me shopwing off my good side in the Berkeley house sometime in late 2004 or early 2005.

Hey look, it's Charlie!


Jack Thelen said...

Whoa! I made the roll (role?) call of the FunkyWoodJam's life! It's an honor! I'll be signing autographs in the foyer all day.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Mister(?) Jack Thelen

p.s. Does that make Mr. TunaCan one of my "Brothers in Arms" so to speak? Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!! I kill me.

Diana said...

That llama knows your just trying to Funkywood jam it!!

nikki said...

how exciting! instead of pictures of me on your blog, there are pictures that i actually took!

nice booty shot.

ps- how come you didn't comment on connie's blog about tuesday?

beingkatie said...

OMG, this brings back memories! I can't believe I found your blog from google stalking people in this homecoming picture...oops did I say that?

Katie said...

beingkatie is me by the way.

Starshine said...
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Starshine said...

I remember you! Fun pics through the years!