Friday, June 23, 2006

An Open Letter to Representative Louie Gohmert

After I heard the clips from Mr. Gohmert’s vilification of Jack Murtha I felt the need to write the following letter:

Dear Mr. Gohmert,

I realize that as I am not one of your constituents my words will carry less weight than they could; however, as a fellow Texan, I feel it important that I write about your recent comments regarding Jack Murtha. To be completely honest I cannot even find the words to express the disgust I felt on hearing your words on the floor of the House of Representatives. How dare you, while standing in the people’s House, conduct yourself in such a manner?

As I reread the transcripts from the day’s events and write this letter, I keep coming back to one question. Why would you attack Mr. Murtha in such a manner? What purpose did your attack serve? Would not significant debate on the issue at hand have better served the public? You had made your point. You could have returned to your seat after your time expired, but you felt the need to ask for an additional thirty seconds of time to close. These thirty seconds you then chose to use by launching an ad hominem attack on Mr. Murtha. Of course you draped your vituperation is a flimsy cloak of compliments.

As much as I despise your behavior I can only see one purpose in it. It was neither the vilification of Jack Murtha, a target of opportunity, nor the expression of gratitude to God for all the good Mr. Murtha has done. Your statement was a transparent rhetorical stunt intended to stir up some modicum of interest in you by the national media. If this is the case - and I pray I am wrong - then shame on you, sir.

Sincerely yours

Apparently I am an angry young man. I dropped this letter in the mail today and I will post any response I receive here and now you guys will know what happened to me if I disappear to Club Fed.

Thanks to Kyle for the excellent edit suggestions. You’re going down with me pal.

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