Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Is This Thing Still On?

It appears that my one-month hiatus to write the marginally okay American novella turned into two months and some change. First I have to admit that I have, to a certain extant, enjoyed the break. While I love writing, I was starting to feel like writing for the Opiate was a chore. To be completely honest writing in general had become a chore.

Towards the end of October I was really pumped about NaNoWriMo. I expected the end product to be, lets face it, crap, however I did expect there to be an end product. Guess what? There wasn’t. Well, that is not entirely true, at the end of the month (I punked out about halfway through) I had about ten pages of material. Mind you this material is four or five two-page starts on several different ideas rather than one project. Apparently I was rather scatter-brained while I was trying to work on my novel and I could not discipline myself enough to work on just one idea. I am a little disappointed in myself, but we all have these creative ups and downs.

Once November was over I made several attempts to begin writing for the Opiate however the words just would not come. I justified this by telling myself I was busy with holiday stuff (and I was) or I excused it by blaming it on some girl problems I experienced (more on that particularly bad weekend later). The fact of the matter is that I was burned out. I did quite a bit of thinking about various creative projects which have been floating around in my head for varying amounts of time and I wasted a HUGE amount of time in front of the television.

In the end I wasted about two months. I should have been writing anything rather than doing the creative equivalent of sitting on my duff but c’est la vie. There will be no more crying over this particular milk spill. It is time to look forward. I am well-rested after a week and some change in Scotland as well as inspired. We will see what comes of that. First thing out of the gate is going to be a list of my News Years resolutions. Usually I am pretty terrible with these things, however I think I might be better this year. We will see.

Happy New Year and welcome back. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome back!! <3