Thursday, March 08, 2007


Originally I was going to make a joke about my high school mascot, McDonalds, and the fact that I am curvalicious, but then I decided that all I really wanted to say here is that I look DAMN fine in a kilt*. Interested in one of your own? Check out an online community which I recently joined dedicated to the wearing of the kilt. Tell 'em James73** sent you!

* And considering how much I paid for the thing I sure as heck better!
** Aren't I terribly original with my online names?


D said...

We can almost see your penith, well not really. I just like saying 'penith'

Scott said...

Kilt looks good, but how could you smile like that after stealing the 5 year old's chair?

James said...

Look, the kid was a snot nosed punk, and the eight year old almost kicked my ass. I am just happy to get out in one piece with my plunder in hand.