Tuesday, March 13, 2007

YouTubesday: Star Trekkin'

For quite some time now there has been talk in various quarters about how technology and the internet are going to democratize filmmaking. This theory, if you can even call it that, goes along the lines that as equipment prices drop and the quality of the equipment available to the average consumer increases, more and more people will be able to make and distribute films. So far I am not aware of any breakout successes that are attributable to these trends.

The one place where this theory is playing itself out is in the realm of fan-films, which brings us to this week's YouTubesday theme:

(Click on the title for an extra special surprise!)

As some of you may know I, from time to time, play at being a scriptwriter and one of the early secret wishes I had for my career was to get an episode of Star Trek on the air. Well, with the demise of Enterprise in 2005, that little dream had to go on hiatus. At least until I stumbled across the Starship Farragut website sometime late in 2005. I sent them a writing sample along with a release form and they, being suitably impressed with said sample, gave me the okay to write and submit a script. While I am still struggling with the script they have produced and released their first episode which I present here for your viewing pleasure.

Lets start with the first trailer with the obligatory captain's voice-over:

Then there is the second trailer with the movie trailer voice:

And then parts one through eight of the episode:

This release has re-energized me about getting my script done and submitted. This is one of the writing projects I have promised myself to complete this year. For more on Starship Farragut check out their site:

For those of you unfamiliar with the song from which I lifted the title for this post there is, surprise surprise, a video on YouTube and here it is:

Also if you are interested in some of the other Star Trek fan films currently in production you should check out the page for Star Trek: of Gods and Men or any of the links below:

And in honor of St. Patrick's Day, a little Scottish Star Trek:

Live long and prosper and come back next week when the theme will be Puppets Really Are Bastards.

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