Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Man Goes into Cage."

Still busy cramming for SCUBA class so I just have a short post today. Sorry kids.

I am ABSOLUTELY terrified of sharks. My fear of them is so irrational that when getting into a dark swimming pool I am concerned about the Charcharodon population of said pool. Do not even get me started on creeks, rivers, and lakes where I cannot see what is going on, by which I mean pretty much any body of water. It does not help any that Bull Sharks are equally adept at swimming in freshwater and saltwater and have been sighted as far as 1,750 miles up the Mississippi. In fact I have refused to get in murky water and felt no shame in using, "Fuck that, there might be a big-ass shark in there waiting to eat me," as the excuse. (Lets face it, to something that is 10' long and full of sharp, pointy teeth I am nothing more than a nice, plump, warm and juicy Thanksgiving turkey that tastes surprisingly like chicken* and, much to said devourer's chagrin, drumstick-free.)

Where is all this going you may ask?

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across this website today and if my time and budget (ha!**) allow it I am SO doing this when I am in Hawaii.

* I just wanted you to know that when I typed chicken, I actually typed chikin and it took me a second of looking at it to be sure that was not right. I blame the cows. Damn you advertising cows!

** I like to pretend I have a budget for things. We all know this is a filthy lie.

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