Thursday, July 05, 2007

More Excuses with YouTube to Distract You

So still no serious posting because of the SCUBA classes. It is not that there is that much to learn but more that I am TERRIBLE at my time management for which I pretend to be sorry, but deep down inside I am really not so much. I bought my basic equipment today before class as well as checked out my BCD, tank, and regulator. I might be sitting here in my underpants and SCUBA gear typing this right now. I am not but I know at least one of you is now stuck with that image in your mind. I did try to type this post with my gloves on but typing on a laptop keyboard with gloves is a pain in the ass.

To carry on about SCUBA for just a minute I would like to stumble across a hobby that I am in to which is not cash-intensive. I know you can rent most of the gear but I have dropped about $500.00 on equipment so far and I have yet to get a set of prescription lenses for my mask, a gear bag, or the mask I really want, which can be seen here. On top of that I have yet to buy the really expensive gear such as the BCD or a regulator and all the goodies that go along with that. Add to this that one of my main interests in SCUBA is adding to my repertoire as a photographer and that will either require investment in a new camera or a housing for the 20D, which runs in the $1500 range, if I remember correctly, and then additional lights and such. Oh well.

I am completely pumped about getting in the water this weekend! I do my confined water (pool) dives on Saturday and Sunday and then my open water dives next Saturday and Sunday. I predict light posting until sometime next week although if I can get my Most Honorable News-san post done for tomorrow I will. Till then have fun and I will leave you with this video:

I will leave you with a couple of videos from Chuuk where I hope to dive some day (preferably with a rebreather):

What do you know? This cat has a rebreather.

This one is courtesy of Matt "The Dancing Guy" Harding of

This is just here to freak Nikki out.

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