Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dispatches from the Abyss - Tuesday, Oct. 9th

I am so not feeling an hour of writing in me tonight and so far I have managed to put this off for an hour however these are the times it is most important to buckle down and do it. Otherwise if I skip tonight, then skipping tomorrow night will be just a little easier, then skipping the next night will be just a bit easier than that and then the next thing you know I will have managed to skip an entire week. And then another week. And then a month. So here I sit, Miracle playing in the background, trying to pound through sixty minutes of random prose for your entertainment and my edification. I hope you appreciate the pain and agony I go through for you cretins. (I am kidding about the pain and agony part, and heck, the cretins part too. Most of you are not cretinous at all.)

While surfing some of my usual porn haunts I stumbled across the motherload of thumbnail links to Desirae Spencer's site Naughtyathome.com (NSFW, duh). I am not certain what it is but Desirae is my favorite web-based porn star. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she looks like a normal woman, rather than being all So-Cal Porn-hot. She also plays to some of my favorite things, wearing heels, stockings, and glasses. On top of all that she has a FILTHY mouth on her and James? He likes the dirty talk. (So much so that I have offended more than one girl and have had to reign myself in over the last couple of encounters.) I still won't subscribe to her site, though. Just seems like a waste of money with all the free porn out there and Literotica.com (also NSFW) for when I need my old school Penthouse Forum fix. I bet this is more information than you really wanted to know but that is what you get when I have had a boring day and need to find something to talk about.

Today at the office I was messing around with some of the pics from the air show (sick of this subject yet?) and my office-mate Brian showed me a trick he has done with a couple of his fire spinning pics. First you desaturate the picture, turning it into a black and white photo (or rather the digital simulacrum thereof) and then you can use the healing brush to restore the color to section of the photograph. I have found the picture comes out looking like a b&w photo that has been colored with the inks, or at least a reasonable copy of one. Here is a picture I took at the BMJP Open House this spring which I fiddled around with. Here is the original:

Here is the re-colored version:

So what do you think? I am thinking about doing this with some of my air show pics before next year's picture showdown in Midlothian. We shall see.

I keep finding stupid things to distract me from writing. Just now it was the scene in Miracle where the boys tell Coach Brooks that they do not want Tim Harrer, played by Adam Knight, on the team. I really like that scene for some reason however the scene that always make me tear up, besides the moment where Al Michaels yells, "Do you believe in miracles?", is where Ralph Cox, played by Kenneth Mitchell, gets cut from the team.

Speaking of hockey, 'tis the season and all that. I have managed to watch most of two games this season. The first game was Dallas' only win of the season thus far, a 4 to 1 beating handed to the Boston Bruins in the Stars' home opener. The other game I watched was tonight's 7 to 1 ass-whipping delt to the Toronto Maple Leafs by the Carolina Hurricanes. Quite frankly the score should have been at least 8 to 1 but one of the Hurricanes managed to ring what should have been an open-net shot off the pipe. The shot was so open that someone in the broadcast truck changed the 'Canes score and then had to change it back. Carolina, under the leadership of Peter Laviolette, used five forwards on what is a very aggressive power-play unit. A unit which got far too much time on the ice for the Maple Leafs' taste and scored four of the seven goals. In the end this was not a particularly good game however there was a lot of good puck movement and possession by Carolina and, if nothing else, that can be a beautiful thing to watch. I am so looking forward to tomorrow night's game where the New York Rangers face off against the New York Islanders. Should be a nice, rough game.

One thing I have never understood is why soccer is referred to as the beautiful game. I played soccer for several years when I was a kid and so I have a decent understanding of the game and I have never really found it that beautiful. Quite frankly I find it a bit tedious to watch with brief if moments of beauty, which are usually marred by some jackass heading the ball in the wrong direction or some other mis-cue. Oh well, the rest of the world is weird.

What was it with the ho's out today? While I was riding the train to the office this morning I swear I was on there with three or four "working" girls. They were ho'd up to the nines in super tight tops which showed off their pierced belly buttons, pants of varying tightness, and either boots or shoes which can only be described as stripper shoes. The scenery was kind of nice, actually.

During the hockey game I saw and advert for some moisturizer that made me chuckle. It starts in the desert and there is this circle of ladies dressed in what can only be described as dirty tribal hot couture. They start to wave their arms around (like they just don't care) and suddenly this moisturizer falls from the sky. They all pause and this is where things go tragically wrong. Instead of the ad turning into a rip on the 2001 ape scene, which I was SO hoping for, they share the moisturizer with each other and then go into full tribal hoochie dance mode. They were nice to look at, but I wanted someone to smack a ho with a bone. (That sounds REAL dirty, doesn't it?) Now that I think about it perhaps the advert was on during Reaper, which is still funny as balls.

I am trimming this one short since I am starting to get a little tired and need to get some decent sleep tonight, which did not happen last night for no readily apparent reason. Until next time keep the immortal words of Ice Cube who said, "You better check yo self before you wreck yo self," in mind. Peace out my homies!

You'll get nothing and like it! Tonight I had the 2004 movie Miracle on in the background. It was either that or Mystery, Alaska since I do not own either Youngblood or Slap Shot.

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