Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dispatches from the Abyss - Wednesday, Oct. 17th

Remember how I got started late on last night's dispatch? Well guess what, tonight's is even later and therefore probably going to be a thirty minute exercise in writing rather than a full hour. To a certain extent this is too bad because I had some stuff I wanted to write about tonight but now I am just not going to have the time. On top of that I was going to cut today's Dispatch short so I could write a review of Charlie Wilson's War, but as it is already 11:40 at night this is something that will have to wait for tomorrow.

First I would like to say that I was pretty much busy all day at work and that is an AWESOME feeling. I was so busy, in fact, that I did not have time to check all of my RSS feeds and forums whereas I am usually stuck hoping someone will post something I can argue with. I think one of the reasons I do not do well on internet forums is that the, "Me too!" post really bugs the fuck out of me but this is really the one way to get your number of posts into serious numbers and usually someone has already made my point. Argh! Anyhoo, being busy at the office was very nice. I was able to put my head down and get several projects knocked out by the end of the day. As nice as that was the biggest accomplishment of my day was resolving the vendor issue I talked about here. Ultimately I was able to give away something that was not going to happen anyways. This allowed me to not change my stance at all while appearing to have given in a little bit to their concerns. Once I got the email back from them agreeing to what I had laid out all I could think of was the scene in the second episode of The West Wing where Josh is going nuts after convincing some knucklehead not to run in exchange for a spot at the Democratic National Convention.

Josh: Victory is mine, victory is mine, great day in the morning, people, victory is mine!
Donna: Good morning, Josh.
Josh: I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.
Donna: It's gonna be an unbearable day.

If anyone in the office would have gotten the joke I would have done this little routine. Ah well, I can save it for next time I beat the Hun into submission and send him scurrying back across the Meuse. Have a good night one and all. I promise more extensive blogging tomorrow!

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