Saturday, March 01, 2008

Random Bits

I think it comes as no surprise that Tony Snow would say, "It turned out to be the most natural job transition I ever had," about his transition from Fox News commentator to White House Press Secretary. The thing I am wondering is whether this is a comment on Tony Snow himself or a comment on the Fox News organization.

You can view the Colbert Report segment where Tony drops this little nugget here.

With the Texas primaries next Tuesday this is somewhat timely and VERY funny. (Although it is no Luftwaffle.)

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Pete over at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog brought this to my attention. I have to say that I agree with Pete, or rather take a less nuanced view of it and wonder how the fuck these two highlights can even compare? I still tear up every time I see Eruzione put the biscuit in the basket. Please go vote for what maybe the single greatest sporting moment in the history of American sports. I am CERTAIN we all know which one I mean.

Here is the call that I bet people remember from that game even above the Eruzione goal:

While we are on the subject of hockey here is the highlight reel from Thursday night's Dallas game which I discuss here. Richards assists on the first, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh goals. Bourque's short-handed goal is mighty nice and Modano's goal, the Stars second, is just beautiful to watch.

And this? This is what an beating looks like. Morrow works Burish's head like a speed bag.

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