Friday, February 29, 2008

Fat Fuck vs. Food - Week 4 "One Month"


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In an unexpectedly early news conference this morning U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service spokesman Richard LeBlanc announced that as a result of the continuing decline in the Chubby James population the decision has been made to add the Chubby James to the list of endangered species.

Endemic to Texas, and in particular the Houston area, the Chubby James' range once stretched to College Station however in recent years the sightings of Chubby James have primarily been restricted to the Houston metropolitan area. "We began monitoring the situation last fall with the sharp decline in the Chubby James' natural habitat," LeBlanc said. "The situation has become critical early this month when Chubby James sightings dropped sharply in what little habitat still remained in the Houston area. As recently as the beginning of this month the average weight of the Chubby James was known to be about 320 pounds however the most recent sampling of the population indicates that the average Chubby James is now down to 295.8 pounds which, while still chubby, is an alarming decline of 24.2 pounds in the past month."

Renowned Chubby James expert Gebbie Roberts has another take on the event. "Perhaps what we are seeing is not a decline in the population per se, but rather a transformative event. It is not unlike the transformation one sees in mosquitoes in which the larvae enter a pupael stage before becoming the familiar pest we all know."

When asked for a comment, Greenpeace spokesperson Michael Hunt said, "I am honestly glad to hear about his. Our local volunteers are tired of throwing out their backs when we have to drag a beached Chubby James back into the ocean. While our chiropractors might bemoan the loss, this will leave us more time to concentrate on important things like annoying the Japanese."

So I guess you could say things are continuing at a good pace. Here is what I ate this week:

Friday - 2-22-08
1 Yoplait Yogurt
Chicken Teriyaki
Boiled cabbage w/bacon bits
2 Egg rolls
1 Tazo Giant Peach Tea
Leek and Potato Soup
Maple Syrup & Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin
Potatoes au Gratin
Mushroom Risotto
Bailey's Ice Cream w/ Caramel
Walked 4+ miles. Last half with 16 lbs. pack

Saturday - 2-23-08
1 Yoplait Yogurt
Turkey sandwich w/swiss on cibatta
Iced Tea (no sugar)
1 serving of Bertolli Rosemary Chicken, Linguini & Cherry Tomatoes
1 Pizza Bagel Bite
1 Tagalong (Girl Scout Cookie)
Played hockey for 2+ hours

Sunday - 2-24-08
2 servings of Kashi Go Lean Cereal
Skim Milk
1 Apple
Medium salad w/ 1/2 hard-boiled egg, ham, turkey & Ranch
11.5 oz. V8
Medium salad w/ chicken chunks & Ranch
11.5 oz. V8

Monday - 2-25-08
1 Yoplait Yogurt
Medium salad w/ hard-boiled egg, turkey, hamm & Ranch
12 oz. V8
1/3 box Philly Cheesesteak Hamburger Helper (made with lean turkey)
Asparagus (steamed)
30 minutes on the elliptical

Tuesday - 2-26-08
2 servings of Kashi Go Lean cereal
Skim Milk
Medium salad w/ 1/2 hard-boiled egg, turkey, ham & Ranch
12 oz. V8
Beef and Vegetable soup

Wednesday - 2-27-08
1 Yoplait Yogurt
Medium salad w/ chicken chunks & Ranch
12 oz. V8
Spicy Beef & Kimchi stew
1/2 cup rice
30 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday - 2-28-08
1 Yoplait Yogurt
Medium salad w/ chicken chunks & Ranch
12 oz. V8
Beef and Vegetable Soup

Well as you can see I went WAY off the rails on eating on Friday evening. I blame Scott for this and not my lack of self-control because as you will note on Saturday I did relatively well. Particularly if one considers I limited myself to two snacks while hanging out at Robin's place where normally I would have consumed far more. To be honest it was not that hard to do, even when standing right by the snacks. I found that while I wanted them I did not CRAVE them and thus it was easy to just have one of each and roll on.

I am particularly proud of myself for continuing to hit the gym in the mornings. I have reached the point where my body is getting used to waking up at 6 in the morning, as evidenced by the fact that every day where my alarm was not set for 6:00AM, I woke up at about 6:30 with the "Holy monkey, my alarm did not go off" panic. I also have found that I am enjoying myself while I work out. Loading the iPod with podcasts has been a HUGE help in this department. As much as I LOVE music, I find working out while listening to something that intellectually engages me is a little easier as I am distracted from what my wimpy body is telling me.

In addition to the three days in the gym I actually went out and played some hockey this weekend. Man was I ragged out after playing however in a couple of interesting developments the small of my back did not hurt like it has the last few times I have been on skates however my glutes hurt until about Wednesday. As achey and breaky as I was on Sunday I still got out of bed relatively early and was able to get a ton of stuff done and, more importantly, I felt great all day. I do wish I had access to a hot tub for post hockey rest and recovery.

With this week's result I have pushed past the first benchmark I set for myself in dropping 10 pounds and keeping it off for two weeks. We all know what this means: RETAIL THERAPY!!! I already know I am going to go ahead and buy myself a Region 2 copy of Sukiyaki Western Django. I am actually in the midst of comparison shopping for this between and and find that cdjapan has better prices and faster shipping times. Guess I know where I am going to get my fix. (Plus they had the new Cro-Magnons CD "Cave Party" which I totally need.)*

Now I have a question for you cats. Several people have mentioned the various diets where one purges their digestive system before really digging in. Does anyone out there have any experience with this? Is there any science to back up whether this is actually worth doing or not? Along with this does anyone know if there is any value to getting your bowels cleansed? There are rumors floating around about the various benefits of this. If there is either science or decent anecdotal evidence that this helps in the process I would seriously consider these options at some point.

Finally does anyone out there know what nicotine does to ones metabolism?

One last thing. I have been thinking about having pizza all week and planned on having it for dinner tonight as a reward for myself. Then I realized I am going to a play with a couple of friends tonight and pizza is going to do Bad Things to the back 40, if you catch my meaning, so eating it tonight is out. With my plans for playing hockey tomorrow I am thinking that lunch may be out of the question and I already have a salad for dinner. This leaves Sunday. We shall see but I am now thinking I will hold off a week and enjoy me some pizza next Friday.

Also I have decided to set a goal for the month of March. I would like to be down to 280 by April 1st, which means I have to loose about 3.5 pounds per week. This is below my average for the last month, even if we discount the first week's loss however I am expecting things to get more difficult as I continue to loose weight. Getting down to 280 would be a loss of 40 pounds since I started this thing as well as put me over half-way to my goal weight of 250. Having said all that I will be pleased if I am down to 285 by April 1st as that will be halfway there.

* If anyone out there can read Japanese I would be forever in your debt if I could get you to help me with a few things. I have several CDs which I want to rip to mp3 so I can load them to the iPod but I have NO idea what the song titles are. I do not want a translation of the titles but rather a transliteration of the kanji.

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