Sunday, September 17, 2006

Writing Hacks

God or the universe truly works in mysterious ways. The other day I posted about my writing slackitude (here) and then lo and behold look at what I stumble across during my daily dose of web-surfing; a column from Scott Berkun titled “Writing Hacks – Part 1: Starting.” In a word: Awesome. Some of the tricks I knew about already or have already come to through my own wandering through the creative process. At the very least it is always nice to have a little validation in your creative woes and this has the bonus of adding a couple of tricks to my repertoire*. I would summarize however I think you will be better served by reading it yourself. Have fun!

* For as often as I use French words which have been co-opted into English, I really dislike them. They roll of the tounge well and I really like how they can make someone sound more intelligent than they actually are, but man oh man does trying to spell them piss me off.

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