Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Most Ancient and Honourable Shocker

Lately I have been wearing my ranty panties around here and it is high time that stop and we get back to the foundations of the Opiate which are my abilities to consume mass quantities of media and regurgitated a retarded amount of information gleaned from that consumption (but nothing useful, mind you) and an infantile sense of humor.

During my recent viewings of Rome, the HBO miniseries (which I discuss here and here) I noticed that the newsreader (played by Ian McNeice), or nuntiator for you lawyers out there, has a penchant for using a certain hand sign which should be familiar to long time readers of the Opiate. For instance here he is in the eighth episode "Caesarion" listing the nobles who fought against Caeser in Greece but have been accepted back into Rome's peace and are not to be harmed:

Of course connisuers of the hand gesture will recognize that he is using the southside configuration rather than the standard northside configuration. I guess that's just how they rolled back then.

Of course this was not the best part of the episode. The best part is that it introduced me to Lyndsey Marshal, playing Cleopatra, the latest member of the Future Ex-Wives Club. Here she is as Caeser presents their son, Caesarion to his troops:

Of course that isn't her real hair. She has super-short black hair in the series and a very fey look about her, which I dig for some reason.

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