Friday, May 11, 2007

Frinday Link-a-Dink-sama

So before we get into the snark and jackassery which is the usual tone of these posts, you should go check out this post on Japan Probe from Evan. It includes a pretty awesome picture of Himeji castle and cherry blossoms.

And then there are these things and they're just freaky!

Exotic Shopping

For All the Harajuku Girls in the Hizzle

Insert Ace of Base Joke Here

Its on TV.....IN JAPAN! (Or maybe just YouTube.)

  • El gato gigante! (See how multicultural I am? For those keeping track at home this cat is approximately 1/11th of a Funkywoodjam.)
  • Okay, I think this one is from Australia, but, well, damn.
  • Poor Yukipon! His mistress is a drunk who is dating a dude that is allergic to cats so he is forced out of the house and has to get a job so he can eat. I really like how they use the angry eyebrows in the second clip and I want a Yukipon costume for Flipside.
  • Ummm...yeah.


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