Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random Thoughts for 5/16/07

Before we delve into the marginally funny I have a serious request to pass along. Read this post, then this post, and finally this post from Pete over at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog. This is seriously fucked up and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated by parents across the state. As it is Pete is not the only parent of an autistic child that I have known and so even though this does not have any real-life bearing on me, for the moment, getting every child the best medical care possible is something I feel very strongly about.

Pete touches on it a little in the first post, but in reading stuff like this the hypocrisy of Right to Lifers never ceases to amaze me. How can you say that you believe the zygote* is human, on the one hand, and yet once a baby is actually born your legislative agenda appears to not care about said baby one bit. If the Right to Life crowd were true to the core ideals which lie at the heart of Jesus' message, which boils down to love one another and take care of your fellow man, then we would have an excellent education system and an excellent health care system. Instead for most of them their fidelity to their faith ends where inconvenience begins. A sin I am just as guilty of as the next guy. (Well, maybe not the next guy, we all know about Brian.)

When thinking about the word "Tortoise" I always think it should be a color. I know there is tortoise-shell but I always think of something different. Tortoise Red, perhaps. It would be light and kind of frilly; most likely French or faux-French which is popular with the Woodlands Wives crowd.

You can check out previews for NBC's new fall shows here, although there is no coverage of the new "Heroes: Origins" series. I think it comes as no surprise to anyone here that I have pretty much zero interest in "Lipstick Jungle," which is pretty much aimed at a totally different demographic. "Journeyman" looks like it could be very interesting, although they are getting dangerously close to a story idea I have been hacking away at for far too long now. Beyond the interesting concept I have really enjoyed Kevin McKidd's performance as Lucius Vorenus in "Rome" and it starts a Eurasian hottie by the name of Moon Bloodgood amd what's not to like about those prospects? From the What TV Needs is Another Cop Show Department comes "Life," a show which I will be tuning in to because I enjoyed Damian Lewis in "Band of Brothers." From the preview it looks like he engages in some pretty good repartee, something I always appreciate. Next up is "Chuck," which manages to encapsulate just about every nerd fantasy I have ever had in one show, which I sure is the point. This show is going to be a very week-by-week thing for me as the pilot was helmed by McG who we all know from the entertaining 2000 remake of Charlie's Angels and the execrable follow-up Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. While we're on the subject of specious remakes, the last show in the line-up is "The Bionic Woman." The preview looks pretty meh-a-licious however on-again off-again crush Katee Sackhoff shows up in at least the first episode, thereby assuring that I will check it out.

Well that's all the rage and snark that I can muster for now kids. Enjoy!

* Which I was saddened to learn is not, in fact, a small furry animal with horns.

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