Monday, August 15, 2005

Irrational Behavior

This weekend I went in to Houston to take a load of stuff to my new abode and get some stuff organized so next weekend will go smoothly (or at least smoother). One of the things I had to get done is selecting a comic store to which to move my subscription list. I also had to look for a couple of books that I had missed over the past month. I went in to Third Planet and got the subscription information there and then I went in to Nan's. When I walked in I was shocked.

There was a girl working the register, and not the usual suspect one might find in a nerd haven like Nan's. She was young, wearing stylish clothes, and tan. In a word, hot. I puttered around the store for a bit, looking through the new books (finding two books I wanted, but not the one I was really looking for), and basically working up my courage to go and ask about getting a subscription. When I got to the counter I just bought my books and walked out, not asking a thing about the subscriptions.

Now this is not because I thought she might not know anything about it, but rather because I did not want to look like a dork. Huh? That's right, my stupid man-part made me want to avoid looking like a dork in front of the full-blown hottie, who was working in a comic shop. Once I got to the car I had to laugh at myself. I was in a comic store. I bought comics and thumbed through the back stock. I searched for a trade paperback. Clearly I was a dork. There is no way I could not appear as a dork. On top of all that, I had spent the morning moving stuff around and I had been driving around with the windows down, therefore I was probably a bit disheveled. It's not like I will EVER see this girl in another social situation. Sometimes guys are pathetic, and it can be very funny.

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