Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Perfect Moment

Earlier this evening I was lounging in bed reading TIDES OF WAR by Steven Pressfield while contemplating how to write my review of HOW I PAID FOR COLLEGE by Marc Acito (which should be posted in the next day or so) when it started raining pretty hard. I could hear the rain slapping into the ground outside my window. The temperature was just right in my room, so the steady rythm of the rain started to lull me into a meditative state. I set my book aside and leaned back on my pillows to just contemplate. To take a moment out of my life, which is frankly kind of stressful right now, and just breathe and be. After I had barely settled back, my CD player kicked on with Franz Schubert's arrangement of Ave Maria performed by Leontyne Price, a soprano. I could barely hear her voice above the rain. The rain. The organ. Ms. Price's voice. The voices of the choir softly joining her. It all added up to a perfect, ethereal moment where everything in my life was in balance.

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