Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some Days

I am just proud as all get out to be an American. I know this post sounds a bit silly coming on the heels of my last rant, which I wrote several hours before posting, but there are moments where I am really proud of my city and my fellow citizens. Today is one of those days and I have to share my feeling with you all.

While I was driving around this evening, picking up dinner and trying to get my weekly comics fix, I was listening to the radio. I started out listening to the local NPR and Pacifica stations, however all they were talking about was the aftermath of Katrina, and because I am actually a fairly soft-hearted guy, I can only listen to stuff like that for so long before I get upset about it, so I switched over to 94.5, the local alt-rock station. When I flipped over they were playing oldies and I was worried that they had switched formats on me, however it turns out that these guys where in the midst of a Hurricane Katrina Request-athon where if you called in with a cash pledge, they would play your song, regardless of what the song was. This had started sometime around six in the morning on Wednesday, and by around ten that night they had raised over $93,000 to help the victims of Katrina. This is just one radio station in the Houston area. It is days like these, when things are really looking bad that the generosity of the average American surges to the fore and makes me proud, I just wish this was something we could keep doing to help the poor and the homeless. Oh well, one step at a time.

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