Tuesday, August 02, 2005


First I want to apologize to you guys. I feel like yesterday’s post, Haiku-Fu, and this post are not up to my usual standard. The only excuse I can offer is that yesterday I hit a very low point, about which I wrote a three-page entry for inclusion here on the Opiate. After discussing my low with one of my best friends, I decided not to post the entry. Posting it would empower the source of the issue and ignoring it and concentrating on the good in my life would completely remove the issue from my life. I chose to ignore it and while still there, the issue does not bother me. Thank God for the wisdom of friends!

That covers Monday, but what about today you may ask. Well, my excuse is that I hit a high in my life that I have not felt in a LONG time. I will fill you guys in as soon as I can, but trust me, some things are moving in a very positive direction in my life. There are some changes coming. Good changes and again I have to thank God for the good friends I have as they are the source of these changes.

Over the past two days I have been too emotional to be able to concentrate, thus the abbreviated entry on haiku and this collection of randomness. I promise to return to form soon, and I will have tales to tell, including my next adventure with the Coke Machine of Doom!!!!!

  1. In response to a mass email I sent announcing the fact that I was getting published again (see my blog entry Published! from July 27th), an old friend of mine responded and let me know that he too had joined the ranks of the published. The book is titled Super #1 Robot: Japanese Robot Toys, 1972-1982. I haven’t found a copy of it yet (Hastings is telling me they can’t get it until September and Barnes & Noble is saying they have to special order it for me) however judging from the book’s website and the pictures on my friend's website, I am certain it is something worth checking out.
  2. I just found out that another friend of mine, who is a professional belly dancer among other things, is releasing her first instructional video “Arabian Spices.” For any of you who are interested it is available through her website.
  3. I am reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN by Simon Winchester. This book is the story of Professor James Murray and Dr. W. C. Minor, two men who were critical to the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. I expected to have completed the book by now and have a review up, but the tumult of the past two days has distracted me from my reading.

Finally, for you daily dose of haiku I offer the following:


Alarm buzz.
A flop of my wrist.
Sleep returns.

I have decided to try to make my haiku follow the Setting-Subject-Action form with a 3-5-3 syllable scheme. Eventually I want to move to measuring metrical feet rather than using syllables, however I have not completely wrapped my head around the concept yet, so that is some time in the future.

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