Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I have decided to write a haiku a day. This decision stems from a discussion I was having with Sam (the publisher/editor of Brazos Gumbo). We were discussing our mutual desire to get a better command of different poetic forms and Sam said that he had been contemplating restricting all of his poetry work to one form for six months or a year. The theory behind this being that the poet would then have that form at their command. I agree with the theory, but I think the practice of it would be rather limiting, therefore I came up with a modification of the theory. Rather than limit myself to one form of poetry, I would make sure I wrote at least one poem of a specific form each day or week. For my first foray I chose haiku, primarily because I composed the first one this morning in the office before I had even made my decision.


A ringing phone.
“I thought I hung up.”
Anger reigns.

I also really like the haiku as a formal poem. To me they epitomize what poetry should be. A moment captured forever. I want to do some more reading about haiku in the next few weeks, as well as read some masters of the art. As I learn more I will share it with you as well as share my growing collection of haiku.

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Haikus have five beats
In the first line, and seven
In the next, then five.

Hand in rage goes up
In smack-down falls with gusto.
This Kyle is a bitch.