Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reality - What is it Good For?

Recently a friend of mine sent an email in which he said “The existential horror of life freaks me out sometime.”  I can't remember what was being discussed and I am too lazy to go back and search for the thread, but I thought of this quote this morning while driving in to the office this morning.  I was thinking about writing a piece on how I am one of those people that has his head in the clouds all the time.  Sometimes this tendency to perceive the reality I desire rather than "true" reality worries me.  I like how I interact with the world.  I like the fact that I am usually looking for the good in a situation and I believe that people are inherently good and their nature is to strive to do good for society and other people.  It worries me though.  I will be driving along and get caught up in my daydreams, thinking wouldn't it be cool if my car could transform into a giant robot so I can just walk through this intersection and scare the CRAP out of the cop over there?  I drive by this subdivision named Castlegate, which has a pretty cool gatehouse, and I can't help but think how they should have put up a curtain wall around the whole community, and in my mind there is one, just cleverly hidden by the trees.  Sometimes when I am writing a report at work I pretend that it is something much more important, something cool like an after-action report or a National Intelligence estimate, you know, something that matters, not another paper on why such and such is a stupid idea.  There are also a lot of empty fields around my current abode, several of them with a couple head of cattle.  Every time I drive by I can't help but look at those Big-Macs-on-the-hoof and think that cows suck and the ranchers really need to have dinosaurs there instead.  I think that is why I aspire to be a writer.  I want to help people let slip the bonds of this mucky reality and show them the fantastical world I live in, and since I can't draw to save my life, writing is the one avenue left open to me.

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nikki said...

the way your mind works totally amazes me. i wish i had half of the creative ability you possess. i know you will be an awesome writer and a great inspiration to others someday....maybe today!