Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lancelot Links

I LOVE monkeys. There is no fighting it. Here are some monkey related things which I felt the need to share with you:
  • The Daily Monkey - A daily shot of simian pleasure.
  • – Once again, someone has beat me to the punch with a nauseatingly brilliant business plan. $10-a-pop phone calls from simulated monkeys. What could be better?
  • Monkey Critic – How about a monkey reviewing movies, TV shows, and just about everything else? Yeah, that could be better than a monkey phone call.
  • MonkeyWatch – All the monkey news from around the monkey world. I like to think of it as CNN (Chimp News Network.)
  • Ape-O-Naut – A website dedicated to the royal order of the Ape-O-Naut which includes a list of famous monkeys.
  • Bush or Chimp – A website which asks the question, “Is King Geordi II, the leader of the free (well somewhat cheap) world, actually a chimp?” This website draws no conclusions, but does present an almost overwhelming body of photographic evidence.
  • Monkey Day – A page promoting the National Monkey Day phenomenon which includes a link to the Monkeys In the News blog.
  • Seriousmonkey – Another monkey news website. You know you need more monkey news.
In closing I would like to say that Lancelot Links is a damn funny title for this post.

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Monkey Critic said...

Monkey say thanks to human James for mentioning blog. Monkey glad that you love monkeys but would be happier if you were pretty lady. And monkey agree: Lancelot Links is funny name for post.