Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Want My Damn Owl!

ARGH! I found a pretty funny quiz over at Quizilla (I originally saw it here) that tells you which one of the Greek gods you are most like. My result was Athena with the following text (my comments are in parenthesis):
You are like the Greek God Athena, of Education. You're seen as sophisticated (uh-huh), smart (of course), and a really down to earth person (I can see it). Easy to get along with (fair enough), easy to understand (somehow I think not) - with great prospects (but mediocre tracts of land). You do well in what you enjoy (I am a hella good eater), and often excel in most things academic (except getting the paste code from Quizilla to properly format in my blog).
I like to think of myself as Athena Polias because of how urban I am, yo.

Back in high school I took a couple of years of Latin and participated in the JCL competitions in the Houston area. I was not to shabby at the history and mythology sections, so I thought this quiz would be fun.

Oh yes, you may begin worshipping me now.


James said...

Huh, that formatting sucks. Oh well.

James said...

F this formatting thing.

nikki said...

does sound a lot like you.