Sunday, February 19, 2006

Template Updates

Some of the more astute/bored amongst you may have noticed a few changes have been working their way into the Opiate of late. Of course all of these changes center around the ever-growing collection of links (will somebody please stop me) on the right side of your screen. The new categories are:

Is the secret/is the moment/when everything happens...oh, sorry folks. This contains my email address so you can contact me, although honestly I would prefer your leave any comments regarding my posts attached to the posts themselves rather than commenting via email.

I thought this was funny when I first wrote it but now it has the same feeling as a guest who has overstayed their welcome. In this category I will put links to sites of a political nature.

(Linvin’ la vida local)

Here is where I put links to things I like in the Houston or Bryan/College Station areas. Stores, restaurants, bands, bars, people, radio stations, you name it and it will end up in here. There will be some overlap here with links in other categories, but everything here will be of a local flavor. It's how I roll, yo.

Sadly I couldn’t think of a funny name for this category which will primarily be links to bands whom I like or know or sources for their CDs.

That’s it so far. I hope all you cats have a good President’s day. Mine will be spent either migrating too and from College Station in the attempt to have lunch with some friends, or doing laundry and reading comics. We shall see.

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