Monday, April 24, 2006

KPB Entry 3

4-24-06. 10pm local time.

My brother is a married man. Here are some pictures.

Here is the family shot. I had to stand in for my dad since he wasn't here. I found out about this approximately five minutes before the wedding started. Fortunately for me all that meant was that I had to wear white gloves (which were freakishly small and cut off the circulation in my hands) and sit up at the front. All in all not too bad. My mom really loved wearing her hanbok.
The first kiss. I think there might have been tongue at this point.
May throws the bouquet. Sadly there was no fighting over it, however the girl that caught it did spike it and then do the funky chicken. I love traditional weddings!
Mr. and Mrs. May Kim....I mean Charles Wood.
The first Savage Garden. Aren't they such a cute couple? Like gaggy cute.
The dip and kiss. All about class, that Charlie, all about class.

The girlies cannot resist the power of the funkywoodjam and quite frankly, I have to say that I am indeed pretty fry for a white guy.

"I said WHAT?"

May's mother brought her dog to the festivities. At first I thought this was Korean sushi.

And because we are all about equal time here at the Opiate, I present a picture of my brother's cat, Eddie, who was unable to join us at the wedding due to prior commitment to sleeping.


Scott said...

Brother, you are going to hell for that Offspring line.


Save me a seat when you get there.


James said...

Yes, yes I am. Fortunately I will be in good company. Anyways, I think Kim and I make a cute couple. :)