Monday, April 24, 2006

KPB Entry 4

4-25-06. 7:36AM local time.

After the wedding I conitnued drinking at Freinds, the bar where May is a manager. I did not take my camera so there are no pictures however from my vague memories the night looked something like this:

It is just me or is the whole Impressionist school of art just a bunch of artists who either could not draw or needed glasses?

Neat, huh. Monday I spent the day hung-over. In the afternoon May and my mom went to pick out some of the wedding pictures and Charlie and I hung out. Everyone over here refers to him as Woody. Once May and mom were done we went to Insadong to do some shopping, eat, and just hang out. Here are a couple of pictures of Insadong:

It kind of looks like the movies over here.

I liked the train sign.

It's a street.

Even though this is not painted black, I suspect it is art. Only one or two of you will get that.

After that we went to the Korea House, which is an old mansion that has been turned into a restaraunt where you can eat a traditional Korean meal and then see a show of traditional dances and music and the like. My favorite dance was the one at the end where there were four guys, each one with a different instrument. On the top of their hats they had streamers that they would flick around in time to the music. It was very frentic and looked like a lot of fun. Here are some pictures I took of the grounds. Sadly we were not allowed to photograph the performance.

These are Jangseung, or wooden devil images. They are posted by the entrance to a village or used to mark other boundries or as mile markers. In this case they are praying for the happiness of familes among heaven, earth and human.

This is one of the dining rooms at the Korea House.

Looking up the hill at the Korea House.

My mom, myself, Charlie, and May with part of the dance troupe. I think I need one of those red hats. Oh yeah, and there is nothing like being a tourist in Asia to point out how large you really are. Their dancing satisfied me and so their village lives another day (the girls in the funky red hats performed a dnaced based in the shamanistic tradition of Korea.)

The front gate of the Korea House at night.

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