Thursday, April 27, 2006

KPB Entry 7

4-27-06. 11:55pm local time.

This will be the final KPB entry from the road as I am in the process of packing up the camera and all my other junk in preparations to depart tomorrow for home but before I get all maudlin about having to leave without spending quality time with May's sister Kim, lets get to the good stuff.

Today was another whirlwind day of getting to know Korea. The morning started with a visit to Geongbokgung Palace (Palace of Shining Happiness) in Seoul. Here I learned an important lesson. Kids love me, or rather in Korea school kids are VERY eager to try out their english on whitey. Included in this desire to practice english is a desire to shake your hand, hear you slaughter their name, and, if they are girls, have your picture taken with you. I might have been asked to pose once or twice, but my brother was a freakin' rock star, particularly when he would whip out his Korean-fu on the kids. After the Palace we went to one of the markets in Seoul so my mother could engage in more commerce then it was a quick jaunt over to the Korean War Memorial Museum for a high-speed pass, after which we had dinner, then wandered around Seoul, and then headed home for the night. Here are pictures:

The main courtyard at Gyeonbokgung Palace.

We arrive just in time for the changing of the guards ceremony and the opening of the gate. It was pretty cool.

Gyeonghoeru is the place in the palace where important feasts would be held and foreign envoys were entertained.

After the Palace and a bit of shopping we went to the Korean War Memorial Museum. I was very impressed by this museum however I did not feel right taking many pictures inside so I shot a ton in the outdoor displays.

The Statue of the Brothers.

One of the gates at night. I will have to make a note which one later as I have already packed my books and the like.

Oh well, this is it for now. I will update later as I get images moved to my Webshots albums.

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Connie and Rob said...

Beautiful wedding. Your brother and his wife make a very cute couple.

Your pictures are really great. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Lucky you!

Take care,
Aunt Connie