Monday, October 02, 2006

FWJ World Tour Asia Wrap-up

I tried to write this yesterday, my eternal Sunday which, accounting for time difference, lasted about 32 hours, however at the Inchon airport I was a little too emotional and then I was just too strung out from traveling and attempting to reset my internal clock. An attempt which failed miserably as evidenced by the fact I slept through my alarm this morning for a new personal record of two hours. Anyways here is a brief recap of my time spent in Tokyo and Seoul:

1. Navigating the Tokyo subway and rail system is much easier than I anticipated. In fact I got to the point where I did not even need to use the English maps to navigate the system.

2. Korean women are more beautiful than Japanese women. I think part of this is due to the influence of hip-hop style on the Japanese fashion sense. Quite frankly most of the time hip-hop fashion does not work for the Asian set. Oh yeah, and the thing they are doing where they are bleaching their hair to be a kind of brownish color? Pretty much ick. Either stick with jet black or go for over the top holy crap what happened to your head primary colors. Blue is a personal favorite of mine. I had far more moments in Korea where I did the double-triple-take than I did in Japan. I think another part of this is that Korean women dress up a bit more than their Japanese counterparts.

3. I cannot afford my vices in Korea and if there was ever a place created to cater to my vices it would have to be Itaewon. Heaven forbid I ever go to Vegas.

4. The world is a retardedly small place. While at the Senso-ji shrine in Tokyo my tour guide informed me that she had a friend in Spring, Texas, which for you who don’t know is about ten minutes down the road from where I grew up. While in Seoul I bought some cigars and realized I did not have a cutter with me. The cutter I subsequently purchased was printed for a place in Fort Worth, Texas. What are the odds?

5. My English is terrible but I am pretty sure we all already knew that.

6. In Asia my shyness around beautiful women combined with my physical size has me coming off as a tough guy rather than shy. It is awesome.

7. Asian ladies love the bearded Wood Jam. Make what jokes you will.

8. Tigers baseball rocks.

9. I am in love with the Orient.

10. I am fairly proficient with chopsticks. So much so as to elicit compliments from an elderly couple with whom Nobuyuki and I shared a table at a soba joint. I then couldn’t pick up jack when I was on my date with Joo Young. Go figure.

There will be more later as I recount specific adventures I had during my the Funkywoodjam World Tour ’06, “Large, White, and Drunk in Asia.” Until then you will have to satiate yourself with this picture of the best North Face advertisement possible:

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Awesome, and thank you so very much for thinking of us and sending a postcard!

I can't wait to hear more detailed ramblings from my favorite woodjam. =]