Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Its not like me I'm DEPRESSED!"

Okay, so it is like me. I managed to fend off my annual birthday funk until almost two weeks after the fact. I would like to thank the Korean Krud I managed to come down with after my visit there and all the people who showed up at my place Saturday night for one of the rockinest parties I have ever had the honor of co-hosting for the help. But now all that is behind me and for some reason today was just the day that it decided to rear its ugly head. Tonight I took myself out to dinner at Auntie Chang's and then over to Downing for a couple of Monte Cristos and Kronenbourg 1164s. While at Downing I wrote several pages in my journal which I kind of intended to just scan and post here in lieu of actually writing anything for the Opiate ('cause Lord knows I don't have enough stuff on my plate to write about already, travelouges, three or four book reviews, my thoughts on the couple of new shows I am watching this season, and the DPRK's preparing for another nuclear test). Then I was thinking about what I wrote and I can really sum it up for you in one fairly simple sentence. I am a whiney little bitch who feels alone in the world and wanted to cry about it tonight. Oh well, I will spare you the whining and promise more entertaining content tomorrow night. Until then have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

That seems to be the thing to do lately. Me, I got mine out last Thursday. It apparently was all I needed because I'm much better now and know that I am very far from being alone, even though I am removed from most people.


takeshi said...

Is the Monte Cristo at Downing good?