Thursday, October 12, 2006

White and Nerdy

I found that I do not have the emotional wherewithal to write about the situation in Korea today. I have started a piece several times however I find as I read through my source material and look at the pictures I was going to post I end up being too sad to really write anything. Well, not too sad, but 50% sad and 50% ready to go kick someone in the Dear Beanbag. In order to make myself feel better I decided to take the White and Nerdy quiz to see if I am unhip enough to roll with Weird Al’s crew. Here are my results:

You are 56% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

I am not sure what 56% indicates above and beyond the fact that I did not score as high on this as I expected. Of course the questions steered away from my particular nerd-space.

I found that this exercise did not cheer me up as much as I hoped so I went to, where I recently created an account to increase my nerditude, and watched some Celebrity Jeopardy episodes. These were the grade A prime rib of Will Ferrel’s tenure on SNL. Then I found this:

Celebrity Jeopardy makes me happy. Weird Al makes me happy. The two of them together? This borders on nerdgasm.

There we go. I am in a much better mood now. Tomorrow I will see if I can tackle a slightly more serious subject as promised.

Bonus Content

It occurs to me that some of you out there might not be quite as up to date on the whole Weird Al experience. Therefore I would like to offer you this, his latest video, which will make the quiz that kicked off today’s post make a bit more sense.

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