Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Opiate Goes World Wide

Today was a red banner day for visitors from other countries here on the Opiate. In addition to the usual mob from Texas that reads I had visitors from Japan (Hi Corey!), Mexico, Hungary, China, Norway, Spain, and Canada. On top of that I learned that the Opiate placed second in the Google search for "birthday parties opiate of the masses" (you can view the results here) and third in a Google search for "is Kim Jong a crossdresser" (results here). My question to the person from Pennsylvania wondering about the Dear Reader's dressing habits is, "Do we really care? He has nukes and we're represented at the UN by this guy."

Something about glasses houses and throwing stones. Anyways, I just wanted to share.

Tags: Opiate


Mr.TunaCan said...

You know, I would hate to have to watch that man eat soup through that moustache. If that thing gets any larger he'll be able to use it like baleen and just filter feed off of whatever gets caught up in it.

Kyle said...

Much as in particle physics, by posting the search parameters, you have upped your ranking in the search for "birthday parties opiate of the masses".