Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn My Brain!

I would like to take this time to offer up a couple of examples of why my brain and I should be considered separate creatures for the purposes of balancing good and bad karma.

1. While reading this bit on Media Matters my mind focused on the, "...Al Qaeda\Taliban training camp graduation ceremony..." part and thought, "Well, the coursework might have been easy but the final exam was a killer."

2. As we were returning to the office after a lunch of James Coney Island*, my office-mate Brian and I were discussing panhandlers being dicks. As we stood at the corner we were approached by a young woman who asked if we could spare some money so she could buy dinner. We both said no in the polite but fuck off tone you have to use with these people but my brain was thinking, "Well honey, if your tits were bigger I might."

3. While headed to lunch Brian and I passed a fairly attractive** and busty young black woman whose shirt said, "Freshly Squeezed." I managed to contain myself until she was out of earshot and then muttered, "I bet." This just about broke Brian.

* Two guys who share an office having chili dogs and chili cheese fries for lunch? This doesn't end well for anyone involved.

** I never made it to her face because I am not a good person. She had a rockin' bod, though.

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