Friday, June 01, 2007

Most Honorable and Ancient Links for Friday

Well it has been a few weeks and despite me being busy with a wedding in NYC, a camping trip near ATX, and a cold in my HEAD, the Far East blogosphere waits for no man, so this week you get an extra special long edition of Friday Links, some of which was written almost two weeks ago and makes no sense to me now. Have fun with that!

Cultural Note of the Week!
  • James at Japan Probe offers up this chuckle-worthy look at the three top Salaryman Senryu poems of 2007.
  • More awesome photography from Evan can be seen here and here.

"I see the booze is strong with this one."

Gaijin Gone Wild!
  • Sadly there are no girls showing their cans in this clip from Japan Probe, however I think it is pretty funny that most people completely ignore the camera. What this video really needs is some Jacques Cousteau-esque commentary. "And now we are going to see what few gaijin before have seen; the kitchen."
  • Speaking of cans, apparently the Japanese go nuts for the melons.
  • Japanprobe redeems their image with this post although I have to ask WTF is up with the girl wrapped in warning tape? That's just dumb and not sexy at all.

Love Dolls

T-Shirt Mania!

And You Thought I Forgot About Your Shopping Habit!

*By familiar I do not mean in the Biblical sense but rather able to converse about their existance. If anyone out there does have intimate knowledge of the Real Doll, keep this fact to yourself.

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