Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Links-san 6-22-2006

So I am a few weeks behind on all the news that is fit for mocking from the east. For the next couple of weeks I am going to be playing catch-up, starting with

  • Before anything else we need to congratulate our Japanese friends on Riyo Mori's recent win in the Miss Universe contest. Of course it would not be a real contest of non-athletic skill without a little controversy. From the giggle-inducing use of Miss Korea's photographs in an article in Japan's Nikkan Sports newspaper to the accusations that Miss Mori is a product of a beauty queen factory, where I would like to work in quality control if at all possible. Of course the real concern now is that she is not Japanese enough for some. Le sigh.
  • LEARN TO APOLOGIZE GAIJIN DOGS! (I don't know why I felt the need to shout that, but there it is.)
  • Apparently with the proliferation of maid cafes in Akihabara some have had to try new spins on the whole concept, all of which have led to the development of Hand Maid. I leave you to ponder just what service they might offer if you're not willing to click on their link. (HT to Lee over at Tokyo Times)
  • Since we're wandering down the hentai path, check out this new cookie being offered up in Japan. (And here.) For those of you concerned about the concept of an F-cup on a slim lady of Asian descent, I would like to point out that the letter system used for Japanese bras is different than ours, IIRC.
  • Speaking of boobs I so want one of these just to mess with people. In my world where I have nothing better to do than mess with semi-innocent passersby I would equip one of these with a speaker and go to town on people.
  • X-Ray specs for the new millennium! I find this post particularly funny since a lot of the news coming out of Japan on the manga front of late has centered around the increasing use of cell-phones to view manga. Now if only they would advertise this product in those manga. Of course that might lead to the collapse of the time-space continuum as we know it. (And thus spare me the pain of paying off a credit card or two.)
  • New Lee Press-On Creepy! This one's for you, Jack!
  • On a more serious note, parts of society in Japan have real trouble with some of the legacies from World War II, particularly in dealing with the brutality of the Imperial Army that's why it is heartening to see the prefectural government of Okinawa tell the central government where they can stick their revisionist history.
  • While this is not the reason Rob went to Amsterdam, he is still under suspicion even though this sign was spotted in Japan.
  • Me too.
  • Give this a name with an umlaut or two in it and it would be at home at Ikea.
  • Hello computer.
  • Although ironically priced at 999 yen, I think this thing is pretty cool. And the one yen coin might actually be more useless than the penny.
  • This is rather cunning advertising and beats the hell out of the "Don't do drugs!" logos that I have seen on the drain covers in some urinals over here.
  • The Japundit boys found a bunch of t-shirts, however none of them made me laugh out loud, so I am not going to share this time. I know, I am a bastard, but instead I offer as the big finale ninjas! That's right, G-D NINJAS!

Thanks most honorable RoninDave!

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