Tuesday, June 12, 2007

YouTubesday: Mac versus PC

Even if they were not responsible for revolutionizing the personal computing market and introducing such must-have items of the moment like the iPod, I believe Apple would still be remembered for their advertising campaigns. From the legendary "1984" commercial which coincidentally aired on January 22nd of that year during the Superbowl, to the current crop of "Get a Mac" commercials featuring Justin Long of GalaxyQuest fame and The Daily Show's John Hodgeman, who is also the author of The Areas of My Expertise, a book which is languishing in the pile of stuff I need to read.

Here we have the classic "1984" commercial in all of its Orwellian glory:

And here are a couple of my favorite "Get a Mac" ads so we have some common ground to work from, starting with my favorite:

I am not entirely sure what Mac's final line in this ad means but I am certain it is dirty:

Of course since these commercials are popular, there are going to be rip-offs homages. Here is a Novell ad that takes a shot at the whole Mac versus PC thing by introducing us to LINUX:

Yeah, LINUX is neat and all but it is certainly not the hot chick of the OS world. Quite frankly none of them are. At best one of them is your cousin that you are somewhat attracted to but since this isn't Arkansas you can't really do anything and lets face it you wouldn't really want to anyways in case your friends found out about the whole thing. Best to just go get another beer and feel guilty for a bit.

And then there are the spoofs, which is really the whole point of being here tonight. Here is a more realistic take on LINUX:

The TrueNuff guys really had a bit of fun with the whole Mac/PC thing and really hit the nail on the head with their portrayal of LINUX. Here is some more fun at Dipshit's expense:

"I am root! Hear me roar!" That should so be a ThinkGeek t-shirt. Oh well, after having fun at LINUX's expense the TrueNuff boys realized there is something even geekier than that:

Finally the TrueNuff boys decide to have a little fun with the new black Macs coming out:

Finally it can no longer be said, "Once you go black you never go Mac."

This being something that appeals to the geek in all of us means that someone would take it to the next level. In this case it was YouTube user ItsJustSomeRandomGuy who put together a series of spoof commercials about the various Marvel and DC movie projects. He begins with Spider-man and Superman:



He eventually branches out to include Batman, Wolverine, Hulk, Jor-El, Ben Parker as well as some villains. Here is the best one featuring Lex Luthor and the Green Goblin:

Check out the rest of his work at his YouTube page.


Here is seven minutes of the short "Get a Mac" commercials:

And here is a CNN report on Bill Gates' response to the "Get a Mac" commercials which is vaguely sucktastic but included so I can continue to call myself fairly balanced:

Finally here is a rant from a Mac user:

"The Mac is practicing some kind of bizzare psychological warfare on me." Just like me.

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