Sunday, July 31, 2005


Subtitled: And I Ain't Talkin' 'Bout No Sausage!

I finally got around to updating some of the links on the left side of the page. I was planning on waiting until I put together everything that I wanted to include, but then I realized that, like many projects in my life, I would never get the list done if I waited. Therefore I decided to put up links to every blog I am currently reading so you, my fine digifriends, can get in on some of the best reading on the internet. In order, they are:
  • A Perfectly Cromulent Blog. Written by a gentleman named Pete out of the Houston area whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, though a mutual friend keeps telling me that I have to meet this guy, this is the first thing I read every morning. Pete is always interesting and well-thought out, and now that I have learned he grew up in College Station, I feel closer to him than ever. I mean that in a purely non-homosexual, non-stalker kind of way.
  • The Fancy Catfish. I was alerted to the existance of this blog through the same gentleman who introduced me to A Perfectly Cromulent Blog, and I had the honor of meeting the miscreants behind The Fancy Catfish at this past Flipside. While the blog occasionally has moments of drunken mumbling (which is the point of the blog) there are also moments of comic genius on there. Some of the best entries on there include "Bobby Henderson is a Genius" posted by Casey on June 30th and "oh... my... god." posted by Derek on May 22nd.
  • Matt's World. As this blog is the forefather of my brother's blog, Just A Day Behind, Matt's World is the forefather of this blog. Written by one of my best friends in the world, this blog is his wry obeservations on the news of the day with occasional outbursts from yours truly via the peanut gallery (comments).
  • Just A Day Behind. This is my brother's blog. He has only updated it a few times since its creation, but his posts tend to be long and well thought out. I am really enjoying reading his blog and getting to know him in a way that I haven't before, since I feel like we are not particularly close (I am nine years older than he is). I particularly liked his post "Soundtrack to Life" (so much so that I totally ripped him off for my post "A Couple of Tracks from My Life") and his latest post, "Body Art Anyone?" is a very interesting and illuminating read.
  • Rambles and Brambles. This is written by a friend of mine who has had the good sense to get the heck out of College Station and it mainly deals with the minutae of life, which is always interesting to me, unless offered via reality TV, in which case it turns me into a homicidal maniac.
  • A Shakespeare Wench. This is written by a friend whom I met through another friend's involvement in the Shakespeare at Winedale program at the University of Texas. They are no engaged and we can't seem to get rid of her long enough to explain to Kyle how bad of an idea this is. Silly romatic git! Actually, I am kidding. I have not known Kyle that long, however he positively glows when he and Sara are together, and even though sometimes they are so cute it makes me sick, it does my inner romantic good to see someone making it.
Well, there you have it boys and girls, these are the blogs I currently read on a regular basis. I am not certain what is going to come up in the next episode of Links, but I will have something soon. Have fun!


Pete said...

I mean that in a purely non-homosexual, non-stalker kind of way

Says you.

Thanks for the link. Now I'm all curious about this mutual friend.

James said...

Maybe a little gay (I hear you love the c*ck!) but definately not stalker. I am WAY too lazy!

The mutual friend is Rob F.

Pete said...

At the risk of dragging these comments futher into the gutter, let me quote Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: "I am the master of the C.L.I.T."

Rob, huh? That explains it.