Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some Days II

The drive in this morning was an up and down affair for me with regards to the news about Katrina. I was, once again, listening to 94.5 to see how their Hurricane Katrina Request-athon was going. As of this morning they had raised over $134,000 which is going to the American Red Cross relief efforts. When I heard that number I was amazed. One radio station in one town was able to raise that much money in about 27 hours. Again, I was really proud of my hometown for coming through in a crunch.

Then as the morning wore on the DJs started talking about how the planned evacuation of the people from the Superdome to the Astrodome had been postponed because of problems they were having at the Superdome. Gangs of people with guns were preventing others from getting on the buses and apparently some trouser snake felt the need to take a couple of shots at a helicopter. The Houston Chronicle has an article about it here. What are these morons thinking? I think I am getting to not like humanity again.

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