Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Hath They Wrought?

Once again, from the depths of the internet, comes another upwelling of humor which I felt must be shared.

Our lead off batter is Hulk’s Diary that is on the Internet. That’s right, gentle readers, the big green ball of mad (no, I’m not talking about you Mr. Bana) has his own blog wherein he offers nutritional advice (here and here), opines on Hulk merchandise (here), and loves cats (here). Of course the Hulk does all this while referring to himself in the third person, which is how EVERYONE likes their Hulk.

Meanwhile Overheard in the Office is on deck. I don’t really know how to hype this particular site. It is a BRILLIANT mob blog where users can post snippets they have overheard in the office, thus the name. It contains such gems as:
Receptionist: What are the new shirts made out?
Clerk: They're 100% cotton.
Receptionist: Cotton? That's the stuff that grows on sheep, right?
Clerk: No, cotton comes from rabbits. That's why they're called cottontails.

Or this one, which is so funny because it is true:
IT Guy: The last 15-20 minutes of my life have been wasted because you are a moron.
Employee #1: There's a double standard around here.
Employee #2: What do you mean?
Employee #1: We all compete at an Olympic level while she competes in the Special Olympics and gets paid more.

Definitely go check this place out.

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Abram said...

In a walking-by-the-breakroom situation, Kelly once overheard one co-worker say to another, "Of course, you know that 10% of men can lactate..."

It probably wasn't a work-related discussion.