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Four Color Commentary - Books Shipped 5-10-06

52 Week 1
Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid, Writers
Keith Giffen, Art Breakdowns
Joe Bennett, Penciller
Ruy Jose, Inker

So here we are, the first issue is finally out and some of the speculation can end. The general reaction from the comiblogosphere seems to be split between “wait and see” and “what the frack?” I have to admit that some of the points brought up by other bloggers has colored my feelings on this book. Ralph Dibny seems to have taken a step backwards in his handling of Sue’s death (as detailed in Identity Crisis) and the Renee Montoya storyline would only be familiar to the readers of Gotham Central. This book would have been well served with a blurb introducing each character and where they had been during IC. Overall I enjoyed the book and I am really glad that it is a weekly, otherwise I would loose track of all the different storylines over the book’s run.

Cthulhu Tales #1
“The Beach”
Michael Alan Nelson, Writer
Andrew Ritchie, Artist
“Love’s Craft”
Johanna Stokes, Writer
Filip Gablim & Ella Heroux, Artists
“Witch Hunter”
Andrew Cosby, Writer
Lee Carter, Artist
“Quality Time”
John Rodgers, Writer
Andy Khun, Artist
“Cthulhu Calls”
Casey Grey, Writer
Mark Badger, Artist
“The Oddly Amorous Phineas Flynn and the Troublesome Trouble He Got Himself In”
Keith Giffen, Writer
Ben Roman, Artist

You can keep your Kings and Benchleys as far as I am concerned. No one does horror better than H.P. Lovecraft so when I saw there was going to be a comic featuring an anthology of Cthulhu tales you better believe I was going to get it as soon as I could. Ranging from the horrific to sublimely hilarious this anthology delivered everything I could want from a group of Cthulhu stories, including not one, but two stories told in rhyming verse. Now that is a meal which would sate even an elder god. I seriously hope there has been enough interest in this series for Boom! Studios to continue publishing the series.

Fables #49
Bill Willingham, Writer
Mark Buckingham, Penciller
Steve Leialoha, Inker

I like this book to a truly stupid degree. So much so that I am not going to complain when they spin off a series and tell the tales of Jack in the Mundy world. This issue features the conclusion of Mowgli’s quest for Bigby as well as an unusually up-beat ending for this book. I really love the concept of our stories and legends having a life of their own. I really enjoyed this idea in The Never Ending Story as a kid and now that I am older I am thoroughly enjoying a more adult version. This is one of those comic series that I can unreservedly recommend to anyone who might have even a passing interest in the art form.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 (of 6)
Ed Brubaker, Writer
Trevor Hairsine, Layouts
Scott Hanna, Finishes

This final issue really saved the series for me and has me looking forward to Brubaker’s stint on the X-Men. My one problem, and this is a big problem, is the whole, “I wiped your mind,” thing. In a post Identity Crisis world this particular story twist feels a bit overused and so it comes off as a bit of a let down when it is the big reveal. Even this issue was not enough to gut the entire story for me and I really like Scott’s reaction to this particular reveal.

The Rest:

  • Albion #5 (of 6)
    • Alan Moore, Plot
    • Leah Moore & John Reppion, Script
    • Shane Oakley, Penciller
    • George Freeman & Peter Guzman, Inkers
  • Annihilation: Super-Skrull #2 (of 4)
    • Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Writer
    • Greg Titus, Artist
  • Batman: Secrets #3 (of 5)
    • Sam Keith, Writer/Artist
  • Crisis Aftermath : The Battle for Bludhaven #3 (of 6)
    • Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, Writers
    • Dan Jurgens & Jimmy Palmiotti, Artists
  • Ex Machina #20
    • Brian K. Vaughn, Writer
    • Tony Harris, Penciller
    • Tom Feister, Inker
  • Nightwing #120
    • Bruce Jones, Writer
    • Paco Diaz, Penciller
    • Bit and Nathan Massengill, Inkers
  • Uncanny X-Men #473
    • Tony Bedard & Chris Claremont, Writers
    • Roger Cruz, Penciller
    • Victor Olazaba, Inker

Mycomicshop.com Order:
  • Checkmate #1
    • Greg Rucka, Writer
    • Jesus Saiz, Artist
      • For some reason this was not in my pull file and I was unable to find this book around town the week it came out.
  • Infinite Crisis Special: Villains United #1
    • Gail Simone, Writer
    • Dale Eaglesham, Penciller
    • Art Thibert with Drew Geraci, Inkers
      • Another one that was missing from my pull file and the shops around town.
  • Robin #149
    • Adam Beechen, Writer
    • Freddie Williams II, Artist
      • Yet again a book that was MIA.
  • Serenity #2 (Joe Chen cover)
    • Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews, Writers
    • Will Conrad, Artist
      • Ah yes, finally I get the one cover I was missing. And Kaylee is my favorite character!
  • The Shadow #1, 2, 3, and 4 (of 4)
    • Howard Chaykin, Writer and Artist
      • I didn’t know about this series until Matt discussed it over at Highway 62. As I have really enjoyed what little Chaykin I have read and I think the Shadow is a pretty cool character, I picked up the whole series so I can give it a whirl. After I read it I will do a special Four Color Commentary post discussing the series.

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