Thursday, May 04, 2006

Merry Malcolm X-Mas

(I think I might be going to Hell for this title which I totally stole from an old issue of Playboy.)

Apparently yesterday was the first birthday of Abram’s Casual Soapbox which is my favorite political blog out there. Abram is an enjoyable and insightful read who, despite a self-described bad call on Syria being next in line for a G-drubbing, generally gets things right. Here’s hoping he blogs for many more years to come. Happy first blogthday Abram!

Oh yeah, and on the whole Syria thing, it was the right call at the time. The call was made when Rumsfeld (which, incidentally, is German for rum field) was engaging in what Jon Stewart called the “Get off my lawn” school of foreign relations with Syria and Iran serving as the main lawn encroachers. All the smart money was on Syria at the time.

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