Thursday, May 18, 2006

My New Internet Man-Crush

Matt pointed me to this site with an email titled, “This sounds like something you would do.” Specifically Matt was pointing to the May 10, 2006 blog entry titled, “Athens, Greece - No Dancing at the Parthenon” which begins with the soon to be immortal line, “So I finally got arrested for dancing.” Incidentally Matt owes my company a keyboard, crappy monitor, and an IBM ThinkCentre desktop PC as these all fell victim to the geyser of Coke the blog entry caused. On the other hand my sinuses were in desperate need of a caffeinated cleaning.

After reading the trials and travails of Matt as he is arrested for getting’ jiggy wit’ it, as we say in the hood, in Athens I had to read more about his adventures. He chronicles it all on his site, including handy maps showing all of his stops and linking to the blog entries where appropriate. Definitely check out the site but I want to leave you with this little pearl from the May 3, 2006 entry:
…I’ll be okay if it [the new dancing video] makes people say: “Hey, maybe things aren’t so bad. We haven’t destroyed the planet yet and there’s still a lot of beauty amongst the awfulness, so maybe I’ll go become a part of it.”

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