Wednesday, May 31, 2006

His Geek-Fu is Strong

Occasionally my friends have teased me about my continuing love for Legos. As a child Legos were one of my favorite toys. I loved how versatile they were and I could play with them for hours in my imaginary worlds. From time to time I still get out the old Legos and build something and when it was announced that they were releasing Star Wars Lego sets? Lets just say that they cut into my disposable income for a bit.

Anyways I eventually found out that there is this whole Lego sub-culture out there with LUGs (Lego User Groups), software packages, websites, even a whole separate versions of eBay dedicated purely to Lego sets and pieces. Out of these sites and groups I have seen some very impressive pieces, including models of most of the ‘Mechs from BattleTech, several pieces of mecha from various anime shows, and a VERY impressive model of the Friedrich der Grosse. Then I saw this bad boy:

As I said, his geek-fu is strong and this? This makes me feel much better about my Lego habit. Check out the rest of his gallery here.

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Connie and Rob said...

Hey there is nothing wrong with you having a hobby and still liking legos. You tell them Aunt Connie said to leave you alone!lol