Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Linking Updates Are Fun

Here is a small handful of links for your reading pleasure:

1. ravscloC.com
This site is my brother’s friend’s blog. Corey is serving time as an English teacher in Japan after getting his degree in physics. Oh yeah, apparently Corey is having a power struggle with WordPress so you never know what you’re going to get when you hit his site.

2. BarryEisler.com
Matt introduced me to Barry Eisler’s writing two years ago and since then he (Barry) has reacquainted me with the thriller genre. If you have any interest in this genre then I cannot recommend his John Rain novels enough. In addition to being an excellent author Barry is a nice guy whom I have had the honor of meeting on his last two book tours.

Barry also has a blog, titled “The Heart of the Matter,” where he shares his thoughts on politics and goes after people who are crapping up the language. Lord I hope he doesn’t read this place as my English is TERRIBLE and chock full of the bad habits he rails against.

3. Murder by the Book
I found out about Murder by the Book because this is the local store where Barry Eisler does his annual book signings. Murder by the Book is the sort of bookstore that is being supplanted by the massive chains, which I will admit to patronizing more often than I should. They have a fairly narrow focus, selling mysteries, thrillers, and associated genres, which means I will not do a lot of my book shopping there. However when I do, I can count on the staff being knowledgeable about the books they are selling, which is a rarity at the usual chain stores. If you want a mystery book or just to go in to a cool bookstore then Murder by the Book is for you.

4. I am trying to add a feed from my Webshots galleries to the bottom of this page. We shall see if it works. It looked terrible across the bottom so I went ahead and put it right under my profile and contact info.

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