Monday, July 10, 2006

The Punisher Invades the 'Nam - Part 2 of 2

When we left our hero, Frank Castle, at the end of last issue he was just hanging around and we were left in breathless anticipation, wondering:
Did the real Frank Castle die in Southeast Asia? If so, then who’s the guy with the skull emblem on his chest?!
Fortunately for you guys I like you and therefore I am not going to make you wait 30 days for the stunning conclusion of:

The Punisher
the ‘Nam!

This exciting conclusion is brought to us once again by the team of Salick, Harris, and Palmiotti in The ‘Nam #53, “The Long Sticks Part Two.” (Somehow I mistakenly identified this story title as “The Mark of the Executioner” in yesterday’s post.)

Of course we quickly learn that Frank’s suicide is just a ruse to get the predictably gullible guard to open the cage, giving Frank the chance to strike and thus gain his freedom.

Freedom which he promptly uses to wreck havoc upon his captors.

First with a bayonet.

Second with just the sling.

Third with some old fashioned C4.

And finally with some white paint, det cord, and a dead “hamburger.”

After his daring escape from the Monkey’s cave Castle then begins to stalk the Monkey and his two remaining men. In a scene that would make any experienced D&D player chuckle the first falls victim to a trap where Frank has rigged a tree to come crashing down on whoever is foolish enough to set off the tripwire.

Now it is just the Monkey, Disposable Minion #1, and Frank Castle, alone in the Southeast Asian jungle. The tension builds as Disposable Minion #1 moves through an open field. Frank’s sight is almost a physical presence reaching out, sending chilling fingers of terror crawling up Disposable Minion #1’s spine. At the same time the heat is on Frank. It is two against one and the perfect setup for the bad guys. They have one guy out front, beating the bushes in an attempt to flush Frank. Frank either has to avoid this guy, possibly revealing his position, or kill the guy, definitely revealing his position.

What would Frank Castle do?

What do you think? He puts a .308 inch hole through the SOB, consequences be damned. Of course this means the Monkey gets a free shot at Frank.

Except, in a moment so often copied it is now cliché, Frank has managed to dupe the Monkey using his dead partner’s spotting glasses.

We all know what this means. It is time for a little punishment and Frank, well Frank spanks the Monkey. (You didn’t really expect me to lay off that one, did you?)

Forget mud, how’s a 30.06 in the eye, biyatch!

And then yes, a moment to bring a tear to any true comic fan’s eye, we see Frank Castle with his soon to be iconic white skull painted on his chest.

There is but one word for this, my freinds, and that word is AWESOME!

A Little Bonus Content – Chris Sim’s Secrety Identity Revealed!

As any reader of Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog must know, the proprietor, Chris Sims has a fondness for the word cretins. Now imagine my surprise as I am flipping through the latest issue of the Exiles and I stumble across a character sporting a goatee drops the ever popular line, “You had your chance, cretin.” (To Sabertooth, no less.)

Could it be that secretly Chris Sims is Tony Start from Earth #2020? We may never know the truth, true believers!

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