Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quotable Quotes

So my Aaron Sorkin marathon, while a somewhat pathetic way to spend a Friday night, was somewhat satisfying. The man has mad skillz when it comes to the writing however as I was watching The American President last night I began to wonder if he is one of those who tries to slip as much double-entendre into his scripts as possible. The exchange that made me wonder this takes place when Annette Benning’s character, a lobbyist who has become romatically linked with the President, goes to the White House to tell Michael Douglas, the President, that she can’t see him any more.

Annette Benning: If I were on your staff I would tell you that the absolute worst thing you can do coming in to an election year is to open yourself up to character attacks and the quickest way to do that is to prance around like the playboy of the Western World.

Michael Douglas: Well let’s clear up a couple of things here. Number one: I seldom prance. Number Two: I have no intention of engaging in a character debate. Number Three: You’re not on my staff.

AB: Yes of course, but if you’ll follow the immutable –

MD: (Interrupting) Why is that, by the way? (Off a gesture to the couch across from him) Please.

AB: Why is what?

MD: Why aren’t you on my staff?

AB: You can’t afford me.

And the cherry on top of the double-entendre sundae? By the end of this scene Annette has put on one of his dress shirts, which is perhaps one of the sexiest things a woman can do, and they hook up. I do not know how many times I have watched this movie and this is the first time I picked up one this.

Of course Friday sort of started out in the gutter for me. Thursday night I was discussing the possibility of doing a floating art project with a group of people. My suggestion was a three-story tall rubber duck. My friend then started circulating an email about the project around the artsy crowd I roll with. (That’s right, I said roll. We’re like art gansta’s and sometimes we ever refer to ourselves as the Art G’s.) This was one of the first responses:

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to do an inflatable.

And here I was thinking I hadn’t asked anyone out on a date yet.

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